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We put 30 years of experience in AI to your service. We can help you answer the related questions, how to proceed, the right architecture & technology stack, buy or build. We stay up to date on AI technology, from open source to the ever changing offerings.


AI can create a competitive advantage. Beside the investment in technologies and algorithms, AI projects are not like normal IT projects. We provide hands-on support to design, build and run AI solutions, frameworks and platforms.


We are spezialised to build AI Microservices, based on Python and FastAPI. Your advantage will not just be based on our experience but also on the portfolio of solutions and Hybrid AI modules we developed. Check out our Use-Cases for some examples.

About U2D

U2D creates cloud native, sophisticated and individual microservice platform solutions for
their partners and clients. Our highly skilled and experienced professionals advise, create, test,
deploy and maintain complex automation and digitalization projects. As an end to end
service provider with 30+ years of software and AI experience, we can cover and provide all
tasks, ressources and roles for the complete project. As we provide core technology out of
the box, we can focus on the complex business needs, challenges and are driven by
ambitious solutions for real live problems. Our extensive know-how, will bring your project
and solution to production.


Areas of expertise

Document content insights

Based on the analyzed structure and content of a document, we create and extract all available insights about the content. From any metadata to contextual keyword phrases, word-bag, core concepts and most important words from Read more…

Semantic Translation

Translate a whole document with the content context in mind. Even if a document is written in multiple languages, our technology can translate into one target language, respecting the whole context and overall language style. Read more…

150+ Languages

Detect any possible language your LOB’s may deal with.  Multiple languages in the same document? Our Technology can accuratly detect languages for the whole document, a paragraph, sentence and word. This allows us to treat Read more…

Semantic Document Classification

Document Classification based on context and meaning instead of just statistics. Build Classification Solutions which work in 80+ Languages. Our Language independent approach allows you to build Subject Matter Expert interpretations in one language and Read more…

Document Summarization

If you need a abstract narrative summary from hundreds of pages, topic of interest based summary or a summary of topics covered in a document. We can help you to create summaries focused on the Read more…

Analyze and understand the content!

Our technology analyzes the whole structure of a document, identifies tables, paragraphs, lists, headlines, textsizes and attributes, footnotes, header, margin, footer, shapes and figures. Each Document get’s analyzed into it’s semantic and linguistic correct pieces, Read more…

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